iKe Presents the Software Talent Cloud at APSI

Gagnant de l'ICT Award 2009On February 25, 2010, during the conference "Cloud Computing: Risks and Opportunities in the Luxemburgish Context" organized by APSI, iKe presented in front of 200 Luxembourgish IT professionals the recruiting platform realized for Lancelot Network.

The creation of a flexible IT infrastructure was at the heart of the concerns of the founder of the Lancelot Network company. The objective is to free the members of Lancelot Network from the constraints associated with old architecture, in order to make the teams reactive and operational, anytime, anywhere.
Thus a new Lancelot office should be operational in a few hours.

The realization of this new platform was entrusted to iKe Consulting.

iKe wanted to share with its peers at APSI (Association des Professionnels de la Société de l’Information à Luxembourg) feedback on the shift from an old and restrictive architecture to a pure ‘cloud-computing’ architecture, where the IT system will not have to be managed by the company itself and which gives to each person equipped with a laptop or mobile equipment access to the whole of the platform functionalities, that is on site or while mobile (fully operational access in 3G, for example).

The end of the presentation highlighted the potential liberation for a company by the shift toward advanced cloud-computing platforms. Because the current platform “Talent Cloud”, however already fully operational, is far from being a result: it constitutes a robust base on which Lancelot Network or other clients will be able to move to increasingly powerful services!